We Celebrate 25 years with Eamonn

Our favourite Irish Area Sales Manager celebrates his 25th year at Poole Lighting this month. Eamonn Walsh sells commercial and decorative lighting from our Endon Lighting and Saxby Lighting brands to wholesalers and retailers across Ireland and the Isle of Man. Praised for his unwavering positive attitude and commitment to service, he makes sure every customer is happy.

We spoke with Eamonn to find out more about those years of service, what’s changed since he started and why he remains loyal to the company. 

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What were things like when you started?

When I started at the business, things were so different. Firstly, our lighting selection was about a third of the size that it is today. The main products we had back then were cast brass 3 light and 5 light fittings and our extensive collection of Chinese ceramic table lamps that we used to be known for – how things have changed! We now supply a huge, vast range of lighting that answers the demand.
I personally feel we are going in the right direction, we continue to be fast to market with innovative products, and continue to get out to the trade very quickly.

How have things changed?

There was no such thing as mobile phones, a fax machine was the main new gadget hitting the business world! When you took an order back then and a customer required it urgently you would have to find a public phone box and phone your order into the sales office. If the order could wait, you would leave them with the reception at your hotel and they would fax it. Back then, many hotels used to have a reps table in their restaurant, where you would sit around with other reps to discuss all the world’s problems.
Now, you can get so much done during your workday. The mobile phone, laptop and iPad have helped us to do our job so much more efficiently.

Why Poole Lighting?

I have been in the business for this length of time because I still enjoy my job as much today as I did 25 years ago. What I like about working with Poole Lighting is the challenges, the people and the direction in which the ever-evolving company is going.
I suppose I see the business as I do Leeds Bradford Airport. Why? Well, 25 years ago I flew into that airport and the Aer Lingus place I was aboard was the only plane to be in the airport as we landed. Over the years, through travelling to Leeds to visit our impressive showroom, I have seen Leeds Bradford Airport evolve to one that’s busy with multiple airlines and any amount of places coming and going daily. This is the way I have seen Poole Lighting evolve over the same time span. I have seen colleagues and friends leave the business, but now there are many new friends and colleagues continuing to make the business a success. 

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