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Time to say 'Hello' to your lighting

Our new Saxby Smart lighting range has built in software that can be voice activated and controlled remotely for an easier, efficient and personalised way of lighting your home, office or business. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices, it's time to say 'Hello' to your lighting.

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Download the Saxby Smart app today


No hub required or complex installations

Saxby Smart fittings come fully equipped with a built in chip that connects to your WiFi router. Saxby Smart products will support 2.4G WiFi only. Simply download the saxby Smart app to your smartphone, register and add your lighting devices. You're good to go - create a personalised lighting experience.

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Install fitting

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Register your account & add devices

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Your Saxby Smart app is working
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Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant using 'Smart Life'

Start talking today

Saxby Smart devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing control of your lights with your own voice. Once set up has been completed using the saxby Smart app, simply download 'Smart Life' to your voice control app to discover your devices and start voicing commands.

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Switch your lighting on & off

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Dim the lights 100% - 10%

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Switch from warm white to cool white

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Take full control of your lighting

Our range of products offer smart lighting for a variety of applications. Allowing you to use at home, at the office or at your business.

In your home
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At the office
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Or your business
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Create scenes to suit your way of living or working

Educate or program your voice control device to suit you. Control multiple devices in a single room or building by creating scenes within the Saxby Smart app or through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Office lights come on, cool white & 80% brightness

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Living room lights dim to 40% brightness

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Lights dim as the mood changes for evening dinner
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Time schedule

Using the Saxby Smart app or your voice control app, schedule activity for your lighting when you're out and about giving you peace of mind.

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Night 11pm - 6am
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Morning 6am - 8am
Home_Saxby smart_Time lamp morning
Home_Saxby smart_Time evening

Evening 5pm - 11pm
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Your data is safe and secure

Military grade security for guaranteed peace of mind as your data is being handled safely.

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Our Smart range...

Transform a room easily through dimming or changing the shade of white to suit your mood or activity.

Voice activated or by using the saxby Smart app, our range can do many things; change colour, switch on or off, dim to 10% or up to 100% brightness, schedule activity, group lights together and be used remotely, all you need and more... get all the benefits of smart lighting in your light fitting, no extra hubs or complex installations just use your WiFi!
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E27 Smart & GU10 Smart

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Orbital Smart

Our highly popular Orbital range now has a smart sibling!

Projecting 450 lumens of indirect light from the unique anti-glare dome, each fitting can change from warm white to cool white easily through the Saxby Smart app or voice activation devices. The slim line, patented design is fire rated, IP65 rated and can be covered with insulation, whilst fitting into shallow voids. Fitted with a push fit tool-less terminal block and male/female connector for ease of install.

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Montana Smart

Meet the smarter Montana flush!

Available in satin nickel or gloss white, the Montana Smart is next level in commercial or domestic lighting. Easy to install with the fast fix terminal block and quick set up with the Saxby Smart app. Projecting 940 lumens, the Montana Smart is the brightest fitting in our smart range.

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