How to light a warehouse

Guide to lighting an industrial working environment

When it comes to commercial and warehouse lighting, choosing the correct light fittings for the right location is key.

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Consider Health & Safety

Ensuring that the lighting is sufficient for workers is paramount to their health and safety. Below, we’ve put together a helpful guide explaining which light fitting is best suited for the areas where the installation is taking place. Designed so that you can use this to advise your customers, print this page as a guide to warehouse lighting.


Energy bills for offices and warehouses have steadily climbed over the past few years and lighting is a significant part of these costs. Changing your lighting from the older fluorescent & HID fittings to LED is a large financial outlay, however, if you make that decision you will see an almost instant reduction in your bill, sometimes approaching 45% depending on the fitting chosen.

Instant on fittings

LED light fittings turn on instantly, rather than the older lamp types that would take minutes to warm up to full brightness. This means they can be used with microwave sensors without affecting the lifespan of the lamps. LEDs are more than suited for modern working places as the light output from today’s fittings now exceeds that from fluorescent & HID fittings. You can now specify high-quality fittings that offer much faster payback times, and almost no maintenance costs.

Follow our helpful placement guide:

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Each unit explained

LED high bays:

Powerful and bright with a 110 degree beam angle, these are ideal for warehousing applications either in racking aisles or wide open spaces and showrooms. 

Emergency fittings:

Having emergency lighting in warehouses and industrial environments is a legal requirement. Choosing emergency units with adjustable heads are perfect for lighting the way to emergency exits easily with precise beams

LED Battens:

Our ranges have significant energy savings when compared to fluorescent products, saving you money with no sacrifices in light output. LED battens are a versatile product, the stylish design making the Saxby Lighting Linear range suitable for corridors, utility rooms and offices. They are available as an emergency fittings allowing consistent lighting with no compromise on safety.

Anti-Corrosive LED Battens:

Shock and impact resistant, these are a robust light fitting and their IP65 rating makes them suitable for all locations. They can be used in warehouse entries, loading bays, garages and other working areas. Our LED Anti-Corrosives are brighter than the equivalent T8 fittings and have a minimum energy efficiency of 95lm/W, outperforming other LED battens on the market 

We have a batten for every application

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Ideal for offices, corridors and utility rooms
• Sleek and easy to fit
• Up to 6100 lumens
• Available as an emergency fitting

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LED Anti-Corrosive
Suitable for car parks, garages and warehouse entries 
• Robust and maintenance free
• Up to 5750 lumens
• Available as an emergency fitting

Why use an LED high bay instead of metal halide?

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These high quality fittings use the die cast aluminium body as a large heatsink to ensure that the LEDs are cooled efficiently. Supplied with a polished aluminium reflector with a beam angle of 110º. There is an integral mounting ring that can be used to secure the fitting with wire or chain as required
*Based on annual usage of 12 hours per day, 365 days per year. £0.14 per unit and 0.527kg/kWh per fitting. Zira High Bay 200W compared to 400W equivalent

Twin Spot emergency

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The Twin Spot is a non maintained emergency LED floodlight, suitable for use in all commercial applications. Heads are individually adjustable, allowing for precise illumination of escape routes

• Steel & acrylic
• Gloss white & frosted acrylic
• 2 x 3W LED Hi Power
• Warm White - 2900K
• The electronic and charging circuits only draw 3.5W - 4.5W from the
  mains supply, and these will run for 3 hours on loss of power