Simply twist the bulkhead until it clicks in place!

Designed for easy installation during the finishing stages of a build, the unique design of the new, Cobra XS is exclusive to Saxby Lighting. This fitting is perfect for the electrician fitting bulkheads on a large scale, for example, in corridors in hotels, as they can fit all the back and mounting plates, which are lightweight and easy to install whilst up a ladder, and then quickly twist and click the head into place! This also allows the finishing touches such as painting to be completed before fully installing the Cobra XS.

The Cobra XS is a 15W LED bulkhead, constructed from abs plastic. Designed for easy installation during the final stages of a build; fast fix the lightweight backplate with the mounting plate to the ceiling or wall first, then, once wired in, with a simple twist the Cobra XS is secured in place. Once a click is heard, the Cobra XS is now locked into place. IP44 rated, the 1200 lumens are available in warm white or cool white and comes in a choice of white or chrome finished trim

Cobra XS fitting_step 1

Cobra XS fitting_step 2

Cobra XS fitting_step 3

Cobra XS fitting_step 4

Cobra XS fitting_step 5

Cobra XS fitting_step 6

1. Pull wire through the grommet in the back plate
2. Connect wire to terminal block within the mounting plate
3. Screw the mounting plate to the ceiling

4. When the build is complete, place the Cobra XS fitting
5. Line up the connectors
6. Twist & click the Cobra XS fitting into place