Exterior Lighting How-To Guide
Techniques for lighting up your garden



Silhouetting is used to dramatise an interesting shaped object 
How to: Place a spot light between an object, i.e. a plant or tree, and the front of the house. The spot light is pointed towards the wall, creating an illuminated backdrop, thus producing a dramatic silhouette of the tree/plant


Wall washing is the term used when a wall or surface is illuminated with light 
How to: Place flood lights at the bottom of the outer wall and face them up. A good product to use for this purpose is the Maxi recessed LED ground light; you can tilt the light source to wash the light up the wall. Or use up/down lights by the entrance to your home
Wall washing


Shadowing is an effect created when a light source is placed in front of an object, causing a shadow to be cast onto the surface behind the object 
How to: Fit spot lights directly in front of tall bushes, plants or trees, this will produce shadows which are projected on the walls of your home, creating a dramatic yet inviting look to your home's facade 
Guide lights
IkonPRO deck lights


Light up your decking area with lighting that's been designed for that application. Deck lights are used to illuminate your decking area safely. 
How to: Fit a surface mounted guide light on the wall above each step to illuminate a safe entryway to the deck. Our Severus range is perfect for application here as it's a surface mounted fitting, so no cutting is required.

To decorate your decking area, fit our IkonPRO range into your decking, spacing around the edge of the platform to light up your outdoor space. Application is easy, pick a colour scheme - or mix and match! - and follow our fitting guide


Drive lighting is used to guide you back as you reverse back onto your drive. Light the way with walkover lights 
How to: Fit walkover recessed lights parallel either side of your drive. Space them out as guides to mark out your driveway 
Drive lighting
Path lighting


Path and area lighting is used to guide the walker along the path safely; this can also enhance elements such as detailed stone paving, flowerbeds and borders 
How to: Use recessed ground lights or posts staggered at various points down the pathway to create a soft guide light
Garage sabre lighting


Placed to light up the entrance to your home and garage for safety. Bright fittings with high lumen output are ideal for application here. Use PIR/motion sensor lights so that the light is only used when you really need it. 
How to: If you'd prefer to not have your home/garage entrance illuminated all night long, you can choose a floodlight with a PIR sensor, so that it is only activated by movement. This will save you a significant amount in electricity costs. Choose a flood light with a high lumen output and fit above your garage door. If you park in front of your garage, it would be best to place two lights either side of your garage door, as if you place just one in the middle it would only light the roof of your car and leave the areas either side in shadow 

Exterior Lighting Placement Guide

Garage lighting placement
Garden lighting placement