Connecting to Google Assistant

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 1

Step 1

Go on to your Google Home App and click Add.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 2

Step 2

Click Set up device.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 3

Step 3

Select "Have something already set up."

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 4

Step 4

You need to search for Smart life.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 5

Step 5

You will need to enter the same details as your Saxby Smart app.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 6

Step 6

You can now press authorise.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 7

Step 7

Your devices that are in the Saxby Smart app will now show up in your Google Home app. 
You can control thee within the Google app or your Saxby Smart app.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 8

Step 8

Select a home you would like this device to link to.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 9

Step 9

You can add this device to a location where the light will be situated within your house.

Saxbysmart_Google_150px_step 10

Step 10

Your light has now been set up.
You can rename what this is called within your Saxby Smart App.
Please note: Saxby Smart products will support 2.4G WIFI bands only

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