Connecting to Amazon Alexa

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 1

Step 1

Go to Alexa and click on Skills & Games.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 2

Step 2

Search for Smart Life.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 3

Step 3

Enable the Smart life app.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 4

Step 4

You need to enter the same login details you use for Saxby Smart App.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 5

Step 5

Press Authorise to link the Amazon App to the Saxby App.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 6

Step 6

This is now complete, press done to close the window.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 7

Step 7

Alexa will now discover the devices that are in your Saxby Smart App.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 8

Step 8

Alexa has now found your light and you can proceed to set up the device.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 9

Step 9

You can add your light to a group with in Amazon Alexa App to keep your devices organised.

Saxbysmart_Alexa_150px_step 10

Step 10

Your light has now been set up. Try a voice command like "Alexa, turn off the light"
You can rename what this is called within your Saxby App.
Please note: Saxby Smart products will support 2.4G WIFI bands only

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