Saxby Smart User Manual

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Step 1

Scan the QR code to download the App.
Log in to Google Play or the App Store on your mobile phone.
Search 'Saxby Smart' and click 'Download'.
You will need an active internet connection.
Once downloaded, click on the app to open and proceed to log in or register.

App store QR code
App Store
Google play QR code
Google Play
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Step 2

Please read carefully through the Privacy Policy.
You may click 'Agree' to proceed with set up.
Or click 'Disagree' if you wish to cancel registration.
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Step 3

After clicking 'register' you can choose to set up your account by phone or email.
Enter your email address or mobile phone number into the dedicated fields and proceed to accept the service agreement and privacy policy by ticking the box.
Click 'Obtain verification code'.
A text message or email will be with you shortly to confirm your verification code.
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Step 4

Enter the verification code that was sent to you via email or text message in the dedicated field.
Please note, the field automatically spaces your code into six easy to read sections.
You can also resend the code here if you haven't received it yet.
Please allow up to five minutes for your code to be received.
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Step 5

Nearly there. All you need to do now is set a password for registration.
Please note, that your password needs to be a combination of letters and at least one number and between 6 - 20 characters long.
You may click on the eye icon to view your password to verify it is correct before clicking 'Completed'.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 6

Step 6

Welcome to Saxby Smart.
Please click 'Create family' to turn on your smart life.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 7

Step 7

Enter an easy to remember name for your family/household like 'Smiths family'.
You can tick or untick rooms depending on your property.
Any rooms to add that are not in the list? Click 'Add another room' t oset up as many additional rooms as you wish, e.g. Conservatory.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 8

Step 8

It is now time to add your smart light fittings.
Click 'Add device'.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 9

Step 9

Here we will pair your lights with your App.
Turn the light on, leave it on for 10 seconds.
Turn it off and on repeatedly three times.
When the light starts to blink, click 'Confirm light blinks rapidly'. This pairs your lights and App.
Please install one light at a time.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 10

Step 10

Enter your WiFi details and click 'Confirm'.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 11Saxbysmart_181x264_step 11_2

Step 11

The app will now connect your fitting.
Once the process is 100% completed, the 'Added successfully' page will show your device. You can keep the default product name (e.g. Orbital Smart) or rename the device.
Rename the device if adding multiples.
Finally click 'Completed'.
Saxbysmart_181x264_step 12

Step 12

You're good to go and ready to control your fitting through your smartphone.
Click 'White mode' to adjust the colour temperature and brightness or click 'Schedule' to set up a day by day planner for your lights.
Click the triple dot icon at the top right corner to display extra options, such as pairinf your fitting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
Please note: Saxby Smart products will support 2.4G WiFi bands only

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Connecting to Google Home

Open your Google HomeApp
Click Home Control and the + button to add device
Search 'Smart Life'
Enter the same log in details used for your Saxby Smart App
Assign your light to a room
Your light is now set up. Try a voice command like 'Hey Google, turn off the light'

Click here for step by step guide

Connecting to Amazon Alexa

Open your Alexa App
Click Skills & Games
Search 'Smart Life' and click 'Enable to use'
Enter the same log in details used for your Saxby Smart App
Alexa will now discover and connect your devices
Your light is now set up. Try a voice command like 'Alexa, turn off the light'

Click here for step by step guide