IkonPro Range Extension

Unique design

With colour changing technology

The IkonPro CCT recessed LED decking kit is an extension to our popular outdoor lighting range. Within each head there is the choice of two colour temperatures. The Fresnel lenses improve lumen output, diffusing the spread of light evenly. Designed to be fitted and wired during the decking build stage without the heads, the supplied rubber caps protect the fitting from the elements until the decking is complete. Each individual IP67 head then simply plugs in, adding the final touches to the decking design. Available in a variety of sizes and colours.

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Colour Changing Technology
Featuring the unique design of removable and interchangeable heads, to change colour you simply turn the LED head 180º and reinsert into the loom.
•  Super bright SMD LED technology
•  Innovative new fitting method
•  Polished stainless steel and clear polycarbonate finish

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