Our LED Lighting Range

LED lighting for commercial and domestic buildings is now mainstream. We look to bring you the latest innovations by designing and selecting products that are unique to us as well as ensuring that the products are easy to install and fit.



Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Compared to incandescents, LEDs use around 20% of the energy. To save 20% on the running cost, use LEDs over fluorescents


Instant Light

Instant Light

Fluorescent energy-saving lamps take a long time to reach full brightness, whereas LEDs produce light at full intensity instantly




LED lamps do not contain mercury, making them easy to recycle and safe to have around the home


Much Longer Lifespan

Much Longer Lifespan

LEDs have on average 15 times longer lifespan than the original incandescent lamps, so they don’t need to be replaced as often


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Not only do LED lamps and fittings last much longer, but they use less energy than other light sources

Why buy your LED lighting from Saxby Lighting 

It is either specially designed in-house or carefully selected from leading manufacturers

We work closely with suppliers to ensure that the specification of LEDs and drivers are suited
to the product & application

Over 500 products to choose from; we offer a diverse choice of commercial & domestic lighting

We have lighting solutions for the architect, independent wholesaler, electrical contractor
and private individual

We’ve improved the design of products ensuring that installation is a quick process for you
or your electrician


How we’ve improved our range 

95% of the lighting we’ve designed & sourced in our new catalogue range is LED

174 of our new products have the latest LED technology & advancements in installation

More direct halogen & incandescent replacement lamps. Same shape and look, higher lumen output and longer life

Extended LED lamp range; including GU10s that can be used in enclosed cans, a lamp that can be dimmed using a regular switch and 2 colour changing lamps; one that is both cool and warm white and an RGB. Offering you more practicality and usage options

We’ve increased some of our best-selling ranges, including our OrbitalPLUS and IkonPRO

There is more choice available. In our under-cabinet range alone we now offer products ranging from 0.75W to 13W LED


using leds - a colour guide

Warm White (<3800k)


Warmer whites are generally preferred for creating a more relaxed environment in dining, living or reception areas.

Cool White (3900k To 5800k)


Cool white is a good choice for retail and office environments where a simulated natural, outdoor light is preferred. Use in modern contemporary kitchens and bathrooms to complement the décor.

Daylight White (>5900k)


Perfect for industrial and healthcare applications where the most natural lighting is required.

Finding your LED equivalent

Use our quick & easy guide to find your LED replacement for your existing non-LED lamps. Simply look for the wattage of the existing lamp you have and then look to the top row of the table below to find the LED wattage equivalent