One change to your lighting that will instantly save you money

Change your outdoor lighting to PIR. These fittings will only turn on when the PIR sensor picks up movement, as oppose to the light staying on all the time, which costs you a lot more money. PIR exterior lights are also a great choice for security applications, and with the evenings now getting darker earlier it’s time to start thinking about this.

Below is a list of our top 5:

Sabre PIR – Small in size, powerful, latest DOB technology

Sleek, smart and fitted with the latest driver-on-board LED light, these compact fittings have a slim profile and project a high light output without the bulky floodlight look.

Oreti PIR – Adaptable, 350° rotation, 120° detection angle

Rotate the head so the light washes upward, downwards or to either side. This fitting has a modern design and finish, painted in dark matt anthracite grey. The use of textured paint ensures long & reliable service.

Laryn PIR – Battery operated, heads that rotate & tilt, IK02 rated

These fittings, available as a single or twin and in black or white, are hard-wearing and ideal for placement where mains wiring is not possible.

Sella PIR – Functional, 130° detection angle, push-fit screwless installation

The Sella PIR is a functional LED wall light with an 8m detection range. The tough polycarbonate case makes this ideal for most applications.

Olea PIR – High lumen output, 120° detection angle, IK05 rated

Modern LED fitting suitable for domestic & commercial settings, with a broad detection range. Hard-wearing and durable, constructed from die-cast aluminium alloy.

And two more additional great features? These are all integrated LED or supplied with LED lamps and come with a 5-year warranty.

If you have any questions or you would like to know more, please get in touch! @SaxbyLighting