Ikon Pro range
Decking kits


Designed with unique removable and interchangeable heads

Designed to be fitted and wired during the decking build stage without the heads. The supplied rubber caps protect the fitting from the elements until the decking is complete. Plus, it makes replacing a head easy without the need to lift any decking, rewiring or buying a whole new kit

Take a look at how it works
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The Ikon Pro Sensor options...

Add extra functionality with our new Ikon Pro sensors. Suitable with the blue or white Ikon Pro kits. Options include a PIR Presence Detector and Photocell Twilight Detector
PIR Presence Detector
Turn on automatically when approached. After a short period of time the kit will turn off
Photocell Twilight Detector
Automatically turn on when the ambient light drops below a certain level and turns off as the light increases


The Ikon Pro Kit colour options...

Daylight / Blue / Warm White
Available in 3 different sizes
Complete kit supplied
Stainless steel (201) & polycarbonate
Superbright SMD LEDs
Cool White, Warm White (Brass) or Blue
Finish options: polished stainless steel or brass
LED driver – Included

RGB (Mulit-coloured)
Available in 3 different sizes
Complete kit supplied
Stainless steel (201) & polycarbonate
Colour changing
Polished stainless steel & clear pc finish
LED driver – Included

The Ikon Pro range size options...

The Ikon Pro range comes in three different head sizes - 25mm, 35mm and 45mm. Mix and match sizes, colours or both. Connect up to 20 heads with one driver
3 sizes

Fitting the kit, a sensor or replacing a head couldn't be easier...follow our simple steps

fitting_stage 1

Drill hole to correct size

fitting_stage 2

Push the wiring through the hole
fitting_stage 3

Use protective caps during instruction
fitting_stage 4

Place the LED heads onto the loom
fitting_stage 5

Firmly push the head into place
fitting_stage 6

Plug in and switch on

In The Box

In the box

Mix & match colours & sizes
The clever design of the IP67 connector means that you can mix the blue and white LED heads and different sizes too. The extension cable can be fitted between the driver and the first loom or between the looms enabling you to configure your product perfectly

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View the Daylight White range

View the Daylight White range


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View the Blue range


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View the sensor options 


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View the RGB range